10 useful tips to run a profitable website

10 useful tips to run a profitable website

1. Go to your target audience on your commercial site. Example: "Welcome Internet marketers". If you have more than one, talk to everyone.

2. Make sure your content and graphics are relevant to the theme of your website. You don't want to use a bird graphic on a business website.

3. Alert visitors by email when adding new content to your website. This will remind people to visit your website again.

4. Offer visitors a way to contact you on each web page. Enter your email address, fax number and phone number.

5. Offer people the option to view your website offline. Offer it by autoresponder or print version.

6. Make sure that at least 50 f your content is original. The other option is to offer something more original than content, such as software or an online utility.

7. Offer your visitors incentives to revisit your website. You can give them new content, e-books, software, electronic publications, etc.

8. Post frequently asked questions for your business, product and website. They may have questions about multiple parts of your business.

9. Ensure that all links in the navigation bar can be clicked. If people can't get where they want to go, they will go.

10. Organize your website in a logical and profitable sequence. You will not want to give a gift before they learn about the products you are selling.