Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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World Wide Web News-bytes

Google Desktop Live 

Google's free desktop search utility exited the "beta" stage and users can now download a full version 1.0 from http://desktop.google.com for free.

With improvements over the "beta" version released in 2004, the final version not only allows you to search Microsoft Office documents, emails and instant messaging history on your own computer, but now supports music, videos, images, PDF files and Firefox and Netscape web browsers.

In its endless search to make its name synonymous with "search," the Google Desktop Search utility takes a bold step to dominate the desktop search market.

Available for Windows XP and Windows 2000, Google's desktop search is way ahead of MSN and Yahoo!, Who launched their own beta-based desktop search utilities several months after Google.

Google also chose to create a friendly environment for third-party software developers by encouraging them to develop "add-ons" that expand the capabilities of their Desktop Search application.

By allowing others to add their "two cents" to the program, Google will further consolidate its position as a leader in this emerging "desktop" search field.

** War of boiling MP3 players **

In response to Apple's iPod Shuffle, an MP3 audio player with low-priced flash memory, Sony announced plans to offer an MP3 player with a comparable price in the range of $ 100 to $ 150.

This in response to consumer complaints that previous offers of Sony MP3 players were rated too expensive next to the feature-rich iPpod.

Consumers can expect several developments in response to Sony's entry into the market for MP3 players "for less than $ 150".

First, greater use of portable players will make related companies selling real MP3s and accessories experience continuous growth, both online and offline.

Second, a new trend known as "podcast" is preparing to explode.

The "podcast" implies that content providers (radio DJs, entrepreneurs, columnists, musicians) create MP3 audio content and then make it very simple for listeners to automatically download these "streams" online and listen to them at their convenience.

The fact that consumers can now have the equipment to download and listen to these transmissions so cheaply means that a whole world of amateur DJs and talk show presenters is about to reach the cyber waves.

Although you have heard rumors about it, and people are trying to understand how to implement it, now you can plan to see and hear about the widespread use of podcasting very close. future as a potential audience of listeners with the right team is now ready to grow.

** Associated Press offers RSS feeds **

Associated Press now offers RSS feeds of its main news. RSS (Real Simple Syndication) makes it possible for content providers to offer instant updates to their readers without sending emails.

Anyone with an RSS reader can receive and read RSS feeds.

Traditionally, the Associated Press marketed its services exclusively to newspapers and online sources such as Yahoo! News.

Now, by offering its RSS feeds directly to consumers at www.ap.org, the Associated Press obviously seeks to avoid online news sources and go directly to the consumer.

The fact that the world's largest and oldest news source has chosen to start offering content in this way clearly demonstrates that RSS is rapidly coming of age as an acceptable means of mass communication and that widespread consumer adoption is imminent.

Soon, there will be an RSS reader on each desktop computer and the use of RSS will be generalized as well as email.