Bad blogging has to go, blogging could be really cool if

'Bad blogging has to go, blogging could be really cool if

There are many blogs on the Web, most of which do not attract one to check back regularly for updates. What are these online magazines missing that would essentially make them "good" blogs? Well, the answers in life generally boil down to simplicities. So let's look at the problem as if we were children. Children don't complicate life with varied information, and when they speak they tell them straight to the point exactly how they feel and think about a topic.

First of all, we must ask ourselves the questions: "Why do blogs exist? And why are they here?" Well, in an ideal world, 'good' blogs would help people connect, share knowledge and feelings about life's problems. Since they are diaries written by individuals, we hope they are readable and open to comments from all other people, not just a select group of friends. The key is to speak in a way that is understandable to the masses, to get rid of acronyms and local jargon that only a few will understand. Keep sentences grammatically simple and generally short and concise.

Try blogging as often as possible because if people enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas, they will want to communicate or at least be regularly informed about 'your world'. Ask questions, comment on other similar content blogs, start communities with others you have never met, based on your interests. Stay focused; If your blog is about thoughts of war and peace, keep your thoughts on the latest movie and how hungry you are elsewhere. The idea is to incite intelligent communication so that over time our collective store of knowledge and wisdom gradually grows like a tree in fertile soil.

I think the most important thing is the fact that you want this magazine to be a "good" read. Of course, we all have ideas about what genres and styles we like, but writing from your heart and soul is a must for connecting with others you're looking for. Share yourself; don't hide behind walls of fear of ridicule and judgment. In real life relationships, trust, respect, intimacy, and unity are all necessary for a bond to form. It is the same in the 'virtual' world; People want to listen to real people, not just one-sided and very stubborn arguments from egos who don't want to hear the "other side of the coin."

Now, in my last article, I really trashed most writers, and here I am giving some pretty complex ideas on how to fix the problem of 'bad' writing. In my next article I will try to go back to the simple basics of how to write for beginners. I hope I was not overly critical, I just really believe that the 'blogging world' could become a real asset to humanity, and right now it is losing its mark.

Ideas on sentence structure, grammar, paragraphs, the use of a thesaurus (various terms used so that it doesn't sound repetitive), whether or not your blog is suitable for a personal or professional approach, are important to create a simple and pleasant reading for the visitor Blogging. If you're a beginner, check out my next article on the basics.