The power of the BLOG

The power of the BLOG

Dear friend,

The online community is quickly waking up to the power of blogs that have spread across the Internet like wildfires. If you are still dealing with the word BLOG, these are online websites that have a daily type approach and people are free to post news or their ideas and thoughts. Blogs are very popular since they are easy to use and, in most cases, free.

However, professional bloggers (people who have a decent number of hours of blogging under their belt) will admit that blogging is not as easy as waking up in the morning, reviewing some posts and putting together some ingenious lines before brushing their teeth. teeth. You need to have knowledge about the subject you are writing about or it is likely that the people who separate you will be separated.

Having a blog has its own set of inherent advantages that are obvious and some that are not so. The best known advantages are:

Freedom of expression: if you like to build a chain of communication and use it as food for thought and for its existence, a BLOG is the best way to create this exit. You can express your opinion openly and may be surprised by the number of people who would agree with you. These communication channels also help generate momentum for a particular line of thinking.

Networks at its best: if you have a blog that has a genuine exchange of ideas, you can evolve towards a good platform to establish contacts and grow your business. It is easier to impress potential customers with a solid and valid point of view rather than a price quote.

Excellent advertising platform: the large size of the community generated in a popular blog provides an excellent advertising platform for advertisers. With the desire for new advertising platforms that are innovative and profitable, blogs seem to be the next location for the big dollars of advertisers.

Evaluation of public opinion on products and services: bloggers publish comments at a dizzying pace. It is not uncommon to see a couple of comments posted within minutes of the original post. The topic and title of the blog should be attractive enough to get such quick answers. Blogs thus become an excellent forum to evaluate public opinion about products and services and even political and business events.

Useful tool for communication between companies without bureaucracy: IBM recently started a blog for its employees on the intranet. Reason? Simple, get employees to interact with each other and forge a knowledge-based community to gather new ideas and provide good human resources practices. More and more companies ignore those who say negatively about blogs and continue to use this tool to foster better relationships with employees within the company. The exchange of knowledge is also excellent and the human resources staff can monitor the comments to get an idea about the new policies or identify the problematic problems from the front and in advance.

Other benefits that are worth mentioning if you own a blog are search engine optimization due to the high volume of content presented here, updating on the latest market trend that subsequently helps you identify new opportunities that help you stay at the forefront and allows you to be an expert in technology in your social and professional circle. The benefits described above should be enough to inspire you to start a blog as soon as possible!