Reasons why you should have a Weblogger

Reasons why you should have a Weblogger 

I don't know about you, but when I built my first website three years ago, I don't know anything about webloggers. One day, when I checked the features of my web host control panel (after two months of loading my first home page) I saw the 'Webstats' link. That was the first time I knew that I can know how many people come to my site.

For a few days I was delighted to know about this. One day I did a search on 'web statistics' in Altavista. In the search results I found a very good software that says much more about the statistics of a site.

From then until now I am using my webloggers to refine my website links and track advertising campaigns, etc.

Here are some uses, why you need a weblogger and how to use it:

*** 1. How many people visit your site:

This is an average number of visitors that your website receives every hour, daily or monthly. In this way, you can know how your website is doing by all means. Whether visitors are targeted or not, it is not the question at this stage. Each month that increases its number of visitors means that you are doing a good job as a webmaster.

*** 2. Where they come from (references):

You can know where or where the visitor comes from, although this is not the case in all cases. You can find out which search engine or affiliate sends you the majority of your visitors.

*** 3. Which pages are you visiting the most:

With your weblogger you can know which page gets the highest number of visits from search engines, which page your visitors frequently check, etc. If you find one, you can keep the link of your main product on these web pages. Offer a discount price for your product.

*** 4. How many pages are you visiting:

This indicates the rigidity of your website. The amount of time your visitor will spend depends on your intention to visit your site. If you come with a search term 'search engine optimization' and find a link to the search engine optimization website, you will not stay long.

If you visit again to verify and compare your product, your stay will be longer. So take a look at the amount of time each visitor stays on average. Be careful with some things, such as without pop-ups, keep images fast loading, check links, good navigation. These keep your visitor a little longer.

*** 5. What keywords do you use in search engines:

Very important in the search engine optimization of your web pages. See which keywords your visitors mainly use and which website appears with each keyword. Why this is important means that you can verify the web page that appears with that keyword that actually contains the product you are looking for. You can also add those search words to your meta tags.

*** 6. Which search engine sends you more traffic:

This is another good indication about the performance of your website. Type all search engine names and try to optimize your pages even more.

*** 7. You may see errors such as the error 'File 404 not found':

This indicates an incorrect link or incorrect URL with spelling errors, etc. on their web pages. So you can correct them. These error links are found as 'page not found' errors in their webloggers with the number '404'.

If people click on their 'order.htm' just to see the error 'File 404 was not found', they are losing a sale.

*** 8. Track your advertising campaigns:

If you start an advertising campaign, you can set up a separate landing page for each of your campaigns. You can assume that the people who come to that page come from that particular advertising campaign.

All these are useful to improve the look of your website, the position of the search engine, refine your keywords and change the pages that drive away your visitors, etc.