You have to think - Strategic Internet Marketing!

You have to think - Strategic Internet Marketing!

Have you ever lost yourself in the forest, wondering aimlessly, not knowing where to go or what to do next?

Most online marketers get lost in the Internet forest.

So, if you want to leave the forest and be an online seller, you better start thinking strategically! That is, you must practice strategic Internet marketing techniques.

You probably wonder, what are the strategic techniques of Internet marketing?

Strategic internet marketing is not buying 100,000 guaranteed visits.

You are not placing advertisements aimlessly all over the Internet. It's not about using free classified ads and it's certainly not about relying on navigation through traffic sites.

Strategic Internet marketing is simply having an advertising PLAN that uses proven marketing tactics to achieve high conversion results. Each promotion must have a purpose and it is essential to track the results of each ad.

Tracking is vital to find ads that are successful and, most importantly, to find those that do NOT. Ads that don't work should be discarded and those that do should be implemented on a larger scale.

If you are going to take online marketing seriously, follow up on your marketing methods seriously. I will only say this once, if you do not keep track of the results of your advertising methods, you could also throw your money out the window of a moving vehicle.

Now that you know the importance of following your ads, let's talk about the marketing techniques that work! To make a living with internet marketing, you must use these methods. If you don't, you will join the long list of people who say you can't make money selling online.

Below, I have listed some of the marketing techniques that I have used to build a profitable online business from scratch:

Pay per click advertising: to get the fastest and most predictable results, you can't beat pay per click. If done correctly, you can get immediate laser-targeted traffic and high conversion.

Writing and submitting articles: this is one of my favorite marketing techniques because it does two things for you. The first is that it creates credibility for you and your website. Secondly, it is a tremendous way to generate tons of traffic directed to your site for free. It doesn't have to be Hemingway, your articles should only be informative and have very few grammatical errors.

Having your own subscriber list to send a newsletter on a regular basis is powerful! I would prefer to get a new subscriber through a single visit to my website.

The most effective banner ads are text instead of graphics. Write an attractive ad that forces you to click, and this technique can provide you with many sales.

Viral marketing: give something that people can use and put links to your website on it. Information is a powerful tool in marketing. Let them share it with their friends and family. Before you know it, you will receive a stampede of traffic to your site.

This is a time-consuming tactic, but it is worth your time and effort. Search engines judge the importance of your website by the number (and quality) of the inbound links that point to your site. By the way, writing articles is a great way to get high quality inbound links that point to your site.

Ezine Ads: Buying ads on quality ezines is like doing joint ventures without sharing the profits. You must identify electronic publications in your niche where you can run promotions. This is an excellent way to present your ads to thousands of potential customers at an excellent value.

Search engine optimization: you must ensure that your pages are fully optimized for search engines. The cheapest and most specific traffic you can receive still comes from high rankings in search engines!

If you follow these proven marketing strategies, you will get more laser targeted traffic to your site than you know what to do. You may even have to get more space on the server and buy a wheelbarrow to take your deposits to the bank