Tips for writing a killer sales letter

Tips for writing a killer sales letter

Writing a sales letter does not have to be so difficult, all you need is the correct writing style and some tips to eliminate a murderous sales letter

Benefits The first thing you should do is focus on the benefits that the reader will find useful. Tell the reader what is for him. Promise them more sales, better design, better results when writing a resume or whatever you are selling. Tell them how your product can help them. Do not walk through the branches and go straight to the point. Stick to the benefits, facts and features. Whatever you do, don't be lazy, it will turn them off.

Give additional benefits. Show an additional value that is not the main benefit. Give product / service characteristics. Support the promise of benefits with the product / service data. Show how your company will help you. Don't start sounding arrogant and show off.

Writing style: You should emphasize "you" and not "me". Use words like you and his, so that the reader feels that he is writing for him. Write clearly. Make sure your reader does not have to think about what he is saying. Your main points should be understood immediately. Become credible. Make sure your statements or representations seem realistic and credible.  You must be able to support your claims. Use the repetition; Repeat the benefits throughout the letter.

Ask for action.Give reasons to act now.  Most sales letters do not do this.

Understand that people are emotionally motivated. They want:

Make more money
Save money
do a good job
Experience love
Have a satisfying home life
Get something for free
Looking good

Use simple graphics to get the reader's attention:


Put yourself in the place of the reader. Consider your reactions while reading the letter.   Don't tell them you wrote it! For some reason they think it is impolite to criticize their friends. Look at your reactions if you roll your eyes, then you need to rewrite your sales letter." You got yourself a winner! Listen to each and every comment. Rewrite the parts that turn off others.

Be logical when expressing your argument. Don't try to fool them with scandalous claims that border on the fantastic. Your readers are too smart to fall for that crap.

When you start writing your sales letter, try to accentuate important statements using:

Exclamation points
All capital letters (Be careful here do not do it anymore)
Highlight with a second color (yellow)

The last thing that should appear in your sales letter is P.S. Remind your customers of the time limit and limited supply of bonuses. Encourage them to pick up the phone and call or order immediately. Your P.S. It is often read first by customers. Therefore, invite them to read the letter mentioning the free bonuses and the limited time offer. Remember to put a P.S. (post script) in all sales letters.

Sample P.S.

PD With $ 29.95, Super Car Wax is an amazing bargain reserved only for previous customers. Act now and get a free supercar glass cleaner for free! While new customers are forced to pay $ 39.95 for this unique car wax, they get it with significant savings! Act now by calling 800-123-4567