12 low-cost or no-cost techniques to engage lucrative independent writing assignments as soon as possible

12 low-cost or no-cost techniques to engage lucrative independent writing assignments as soon as possible

No matter where you live, obtaining lucrative writing assignments does not have to be difficult. The secret of a profitable career as a freelance writer is to start small and build it from there. Another secret ... you must remember to promote your business in a REGULAR way. Don't shoot some ads or letters, then wait three months before launching another campaign. Promote your business DAILY.

So here is your first technique: get close to your local newspaper editor. Ask if they need a freelancer to cover municipal council meetings, the school board and / or the county board. If they do, they are on their way to making a living as a writer because they are about to earn tons of clips. It will also begin to make valuable business contacts. More on that later ...

Armed with your local clips, you can start approaching larger independent markets. Markets like small and medium-sized magazines that are hungry for new articles. Start consulting them and wait for your response. (Technique 2)

While waiting to hear your magazine's inquiries, chat with some of the mayors, members of the municipal council, members of the school board, etc., that you have met at their meetings. Most of them are entrepreneurs. Ask if they need a freelancer to update their brochures, write ads or direct mail letters, or if they need a writer hired for a project they are developing. You will be surprised how many business people will accept your offer after they have witnessed their diligence and accuracy in covering their meetings. (Technique 3)

Now point to local businesses and contact them. Offer to write your marketing materials. (Technique 4)

To start attracting more commercial customers, post a small ad in your local newspaper. As your experience increases, place more ads in nearby newspapers. (Technique 5)

Join your local chamber of commerce. You will meet even more business owners that a freelance writer may need and establish invaluable contacts. (Technique 6)

Send a piece of direct mail announcing your writing services. If you are not comfortable writing direct mail, you can put together a newsletter. Point to the companies you would like to work with and be sure to contact them regularly. (Technique 7)

Another technique to keep money rolling as a freelance writer is to keep many irons in the fire. Along with the magazine and editorial inquiries, always have a book in progress and send proposals from the editors for it.

Another idea: I know an independent local professional who has cultivated a devoted clientele who asks him to write all his correspondence ... including Christmas letters. Your projects are limited only by your imagination. (Technique 8)

Make goals every day. Decide how many inquiries you will send. Decide how many sales letters you will send by mail. How many words are you going to write in your book? How many new contacts are you going to make this week? Set your goals ... then move on with them. (Technique 9)

Ask and you can receive. If you are a fan of your local newspaper, ask the editor if they can publish a small ad promoting your business at a discount (after all, you are a staff writer). If you write for local businesses, ask them to recommend their writing services to their friends. (Technique 10)

Never tell anyone your phone number. Give it to them. Print a lot of business cards and every time someone asks for your phone number, instead, give them your card. (Technique 11)

Network. Make friends in freelance writing. Give clues and help each other become the best writers they can be. (Technique 12)

Take your last project with you. If you have written a book, bring it wherever you go. If you just finished a great drafting project, keep it close. Do you have an article in the latest issue of a magazine or newspaper? Better bring it with you ... Nothing causes a conversation faster than "What have you been doing lately?

I know, I know ... I promised twelve strategies to start earning money as soon as possible as a freelance writer. But I started and thirteen (I heard) is an unfortunate number, so here is one more strategy.

Read. Read everything you can have in your hands. If you write novels, read novels. If you write direct mail, read EACH piece of direct mail that arrives at your door. If you write ads, read the ads. Read what your competition writes. Read what your friends write. Take note of what "works" for you

Read electronic journals that will help you make your writing as clear as possible. Perfect your trade, become the best writer you can be, promote your business and you will have more work than you can handle.

Then there you have it. Fourteen fantastic strategies to get lucrative writing jobs and earn a living as a freelance writer. The possibilities are endless. Find out what works for you and then run with it. You may find yourself earning a very good income.