Postcards: effective marketing tool

Postcards: effective marketing tool

When you have difficulty choosing which print media to use for your products and services, think of postcards. Postcards are one of the marketing tools that can deliver your message effectively to your target customers.

So why postcards? Here are ten reasons to market with postcards:

10. They are affordable marketing strategies.

Postcards are among the most affordable marketing printing strategies for products and services. They are the most ideal, especially for small and medium businesses. A customer reports that it only cost him $ 6 per name per year on his mailing list when he chose to do his marketing campaign using postcards. And she happily followed and announced for a year.

9. Do not advertise your competitors.

Unlike ads in newspapers or magazines, competitors will not know their marketing unless you accidentally send them one. The best technique is to simply send your postcards to the names on your mailing list. That way, your competitor won't know until one of your recipients shows and counts.

8. They facilitate the monitoring of the results.

A customer used his postcards to attract people and customers to his store. She turned the postcards into a special discount card that made her customers go to her store and use it.

7. They are very versatile.

Like Hollywood actors, postcards are very versatile. With just one email, you can request business opportunities from prospective customers and keep repeat business from current customers. You can also use postcards such as large business cards, hang tags for your products and even mini information sheets to present your business to other customers.

6. They "mark" you and your business.

Start and continue with a postcard marketing campaign and you will see that your business has a reputation, if not notoriety.

5. They make testing an offer easy.

Simply send your postcards to a small group of people and see how many of them respond. If you get a satisfactory answer, make a larger mailing list.

4. They don't waste people's time.

People do not need to open envelopes to read their postcards. Your message is simply there outdoors.

3. They do not take up much space.

Their size is small enough for their customers to store in pockets, bags or pockets.

2. They are cheap to print.

Simply create four cards on an 8½ x 11 "sheet of paper, print the design on cardboard, then cut the sheet into four cards.

And the best reason to use postcards:

1. They are cheap to redeem.

Rewards and discounts made on postcards have no cost to you, unless your customers leave and exchange them.