Marry your marketing plan

Marry your marketing plan

Make a vote to keep your marketing schedule in good times and not so good times.

I have said it again and again that marketing, regardless of the type you choose, is a construction process. Here is everything summarized in a situation:

Suppose for a moment that you have never heard of this thing called "Cola." You go to your mailbox and receive your mail only to find a postcard that says "New carbonated drink! You'll love it!
Have Had Before! "You may run and try it, but most likely not. Most people will not.

Then you get a second postcard.

You still do nothing.

Then you are talking to a friend from all over the city who says "Hey, have you tried this Cola?" It turns out that after receiving his second postcard, he went out and took a bottle to prove it.

Now the third postcard appears and you are thinking "OK, ok, I'll try". And you do it, and you love it, and it's like nothing else.

You see where this is going. If the creators of "Cola", whoever they were, would have sent cards to the entire city once and then had abandoned marketing due to lack of response, they would have missed them.

So, now that he can no longer argue with the fact that he needs to maintain a constant flow of marketing for the same people several times, he is obviously " The honest answer is to get a direct mail company to help you.

Regardless of the size of your mailing list, I suggest you print enough pieces to mail them at least three times. Usually, once every 2-4 weeks is enough depending on your industry. You can set the shipping dates for your shipments and let the marketing company take care of the rest. That means that with a phone call you can take care of all your marketing for 3 months or more. Without worrying about remembering, without trips full of problems to the post office. All you will have to do is manage your business in the way you know and let them take care of your marketing.

Stop worrying about the constant flow of business you need to survive. Do something about it. Create a marketing plan, give it a date, then, if it really works, say "Yes, I want to".

If you need more information on how to test your new marketing product, read my article Don't assume, just try and follow up.

My best wishes and a prosperous life together!