Junk mail works!

Junk mail works!

Junk mail works.
Why does it work?
How does it work?

These are very important questions.

To make it work, you have to appeal to emotions.
They have to make statements that inspire you to click on that "yes" button.
They inspire you with stories of what you could do with all that extra money.
Clear all your debts.
Pay your mortgage.
Take the family on a trip to the land of Disney.
All this would be possible if you only pressed that button.

What they are doing is creating images in their minds.
Images of a new lifestyle.
Visions of relaxation on a tropical beach.
Cruises in a luxury ocean liner.
Explaining to your employer exactly where to put your job.

This is selling the image. It is not the product.
Selling the fantasy. And it only costs $ .xx.xx

Study these ads. Try to discover how they work.
What's in them that makes you want to click on that button yes?
Find one that intrigues you. One that makes you want to click on that button.
What convinced you that this is the one you were looking for?
Divide it into its components. Can you use this in your own ads?

These ads must be good for them to remain in business.
What do they have that yours do not?
Study them. Look at the words they use.
Look at the way they use them.

Use this knowledge to bring your ads to life.

You do not have to send spam. Use your experience to run a legitimate business.

If you have a spam blocker, sign up for a separate email account and send an ad to a free list. You will have enough unsolicited email to continue for months.

Use your experience to your advantage.

Good luck and keep learning. That is the only way to stay on top.
If you feel you have nothing else to learn, you will find a surprise.
When you stop learning, you stop winning.
Let's face it, the idea is to win and keep winning.