Getting back to the basic.

Getting back to the basic.

While we all agree that there are too many spam / junk emails in our email inboxes, there are a couple of things we can do to reduce the amount of emails that we really have to filter, without resorting to paying for an expensive software that can be a real problem to configure it correctly.

First of all, and this is a little known little advice. You can get a free email account (the bigger, the better), which is excellent if you use a lot of FFA, classified sites, search engine submissions, etc. When creating the junk email account, be sure to save the information you used to create it in a Wordpad / Notepad file.

When the account is full, check it quickly, just to make sure there is nothing really important there. If so, copy it and paste it into your favorite text document. Then, continue and delete the entire junk mail account. First, you have saved the information you used to create it, so it will only take a few minutes to re-create it.

Then, every time you join a program or site, open your email client at the same time, so that you receive welcome emails immediately. Confirm the welcome immediately, then place the email in a special folder, created for all emails from that particular address.

That way, different emails go to different folders, without getting too confused. If you decide to leave that program and, when you do, delete all the mail you have saved from them, but make sure that you are NOT excluded before doing so.

Another thing to remember is that if you are receiving emails from somewhere and you are quite sure that you have absolutely no reason to receive them, DO NOT click on the delete me link! What he is really doing is letting spammers know that they have mailed to a real and used address, and that they will send more and more, and never stop. Some of the most unscrupulous will even sell your address to use as part of a mailing list, which in turn will generate even more spam.

Many people seem to have forgotten where the delete button is, and shouts the dreaded word "SPAM !!" as soon as an email of unknown appearance falls into your inbox. This can be very harmful for legitimate business owners, so please, never say spam, unless it is correct and true.

If you really don't have time or desire to follow these tips, there is software that can automatically filter your emails for you. The biggest drawback of these is that they can actually prevent you from receiving the mail you WANT to receive if you do not configure it correctly.

The configuration of the software filters can also be very confusing and time-consuming, so if that is the way you choose to do it, make sure you reserve some time for it and do not get distracted by anything else until it is finished. .