Do you have ADD marketing?

Do you have ADD marketing?

Then you have a website, an email address and you are receiving your newsletter (well, at least a little). You have attended seminars, you have bought information on how to promote your site and you are ready to implement it.

Decide to start creating keywords for search engines. Then, someone tells you to pay per click, advertising ezine, write articles, participate in discussion forums, start a blog, update your newsletter, write a sales letter, write a better . This marketing material is difficult!

It does not have to be this way. Before immersing yourself in the details of any marketing campaign, you must first know exactly what you want to achieve with your efforts. There are 3 main results you will receive with your marketing:

1. Visibility: visibility is to make your company or product name reach its commercialization. One of the best ways to get visibility is to simply advertise. It can be advertised in online or offline publications that are read by your target market: people who will want to buy your company's product.

2. Credibility: to obtain credibility, one must obtain the support of another person or company. This result is more useful for independent service professionals who need to be known as experts to obtain clients. Credibility can be easily produced by writing articles, speaking or press releases.

3. One-to-one connection: once you have potential customers or customers, you will want to keep them updated and informed about your products or services. This can be done in the form of a simple thank you note, or in a broader sense by using technology as newsletters. The one-to-one connection builds and maintains relationships with your prospects so that, when they are ready to buy, they come to you.

Once you know the final result you want to achieve, you can begin to deepen the specific strategies and tactics you can use to achieve that final result. For example, if you need credibility and decide to write articles, study the specific article format that successful article writers use to generate traffic to your website. Be really good at ONE THING and see how your earnings soar!