Monday, December 16, 2019

10 ways to boost your subscriptions

10 ways to boost your subscriptions

1. Exchange an ad.

Use ads that you have tried and have proven to be effective for more subscriptions.

You can get a better response from your ads because you have already adjusted them before exchanging them.

2. Write articles.

You can get more new e-zine subscribers who enjoy your writing and are interested in the topics you write.

3. Exchange an article.

You could exchange exclusive articles, or you could exchange one of your reprint articles if you don't have time to write a new one
exclusive article

4. Change a "thank you" page recommendation.

You will be able to successfully obtain more new subscribers through the recommendation of your e-zine from the other e-zine publisher.

Only recommend e-zines that offer valuable content to your subscribers. You do not want to start with the wrong foot by recommending something that is not up to par.

5. Change a recommendation in your welcome message.

Change your recommendation with an editor that offers a bonus and deliver it in your welcome message.

Your new subscribers will look for your bonus in your welcome email, which will give you more recommendation about your e-zine.

6. Exchange an ad or recommendation for an ebook.

In addition to obtaining more subscribers, if the electronic books are branded, both can earn money by offering each other's electronic books.

7. Promote your e-zine.

You can inform your customers and prospects of the "real world" about your

You can also get more new subscriptions for networking events you attend throughout the year.

8. Include ad for your e-zine 

You can inform your customers of your mailing list about your e-zine.

You can also get more new subscribers who have shown interest in your products by requesting your catalog or brochure.

9. Post testimonials for your e-zine.

Increase ur subscription by posting testimonial on your website

10. Purchase of e-zine advertising.

You can get your ad for your

Buying e-zine advertising is also a very good option if you don't have enough subscribers to start exchanging ads.